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Horse Stalls - Modular Style (Prefabricated Stall Fronts and Wall Panels)

painted steel modular horse stalls

Painted Steel Prefab Stalls

galvanized steel modular horse stalls

Galvanized Steel Prefab Stalls

mesh modular horse stalls

Steel Mesh Prefab Stalls

miniature horse stalls

Miniature Horse Prefab Stalls

Modular horse stalls, also known as prefabricated stalls have many advantages over support post stalls. These stalls are pre-assembled fronts and side or back walls that simply lock together with brackets. All you need to do with this style of horse stall is set it into place and insert the wood you desire to use. We do suggest to use dimensional cut tongue and groove lumber as the boards interlock together which helps with gapping as the wood shrinks over time. We do have modular stall wood packages available if you find your local wood supplier does not have the correct type of lumber you need. Our modular stalls can be moved when needed and it is easy to add or remove a wall as your needs change. If you need assistance deciding on the right type of stalls for your barn, feel free to give us a call toll free at 1-800-335-1880 or e-mail us at info@countrymanufacturing.com

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